Compare the three different types of core certifications offered by our educational partner AIPMO


The foundation level certification is for PMO team members, project team members and any stakeholders involved in a PMO. It sets the foundational knowledge required to understand the mechanics of projects, programs, portfolios and PMOs, and how to become a competent PMO team member of a project, program, portfolio, and PMO.

Take a look at the IPMO-Foundation course if you are involved in the running, monitoring and controlling of a PMO.

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The practitioner level certification is for PMO managers, directors, consultants and experienced PMO team members looking to enter a PMO management role. It focuses on APMO’s PMO lifecycle framework and provides an in-depth understanding of PMO principles and practices including the design, implementation, and operation of organizational or initiative specific PMOs. It also covers to a lesser degree AIPMO’s PMO services lifecycle framework which is covered in detail as one of AIPMO’s foundational courses PMO Services and capabilities.

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Who is it for?
  • PMO/Project/Program/Portfolio team members
  • Junior PMO or project managers
  • Project team members involved in the PMO related activities
  • Project/program/portfolio managers with some experience in PMOs
  • Any project or PMO stakeholder wishing to better understand how to run, monitor and control services in a high performing PMO setting
  • Ideally 1 year plus work experience, preferable in a in project or PMO role
  • Educated at degree level or similar
Exam Information

1 hour with 50 multiple choice questions

Discussing the exam answers

Key Takeaways
  • Understand how PMOs fit into the world of projects, programs and portfolios
  • Understand the benefits of viewing PMOs in terms of services
  • Know what are PMO capabilities, how they are constructed in terms of competencies, tools and techniques
  • Understand the AIPMO framework and the phases and processes carried out by a PMO team member
  • Learn the key PMO tools and techniques including templates you can take back to your organization before they are published in AIPMO’s upcoming book on tools and techniques
  • Understand what are the key documents uses to establish, run, monitor and control PMO and PMO Services
  • Be confident knowing what to do in common organisational PMO configurations
Who is it for?
  • PMO Directors/PMO Managers
  • Project/Program Management Professional®
  • Consultants (involved in projects and/or organizational change)
  • Project/program/portfolio managers with expertise in PMOs
  • Experienced PMO Core team
  • 3 year plus experience in project and/or program management
  • 3 year plus as a PMO member or higher i.e., PMO manager
  • Ideally IPMO-F, SC-IPMO, TT-IPMO and IPMO-Sx
  • Ideally a formal PM certification such as PMP® , Prince II® or IPMA® (Levels C or higher i.e., B or A).
  • Educated at degree level or similar
Exam Information
  • The exam is moderated by the instructor at the end of the course
  • Open book exam 75 multiple choice questions
  • Duration 1 hour 30 minutes.
Key Takeaways
  • Understand the importance of a Strategic PMO Lifecycle framework to design and run PMO services to achieve maximum sustainable benefits
  • Describe the different roles of PMOs across different levels of the organization
  • Hands-on workshop  experience  in  applying   the   Strategic  PMO  Lifecycle  framework  to your PMO  with an outcome of  an aligned set of PMO services that address your organization’s challenges
  • Gain experience  in  establishing  the  mandate  for  PMO  implementations
  • Understand the  drivers  of  PMO change  and  how  to  see  the  signs
  • Understand PMO Success and how it is measured
  • Understand the similarities and differences between organizational project management maturity and PMO Management maturity
  • Your own PMO improvement plan
  • Learn new techniques and tools never used before in the PMO arena
Who is it for?

PMO Directors
• PMO Managers and advanced PMO Core team
• Senior project/program management professionals
• Senior consultants involved in projects and/or organizational
• Project/program/portfolio managers with expertise in PMOs.


• 10 years of experience in project/program management
• 5 year plus as a PMO manager and/or PMO Director
• IPMO-P® certification, or PMI® PMP® (or higher i.e., PgMP®) or Prince2® (or higher i.e., MSP® or IPMA® (Levels C or higher i.e., B or A).
• Educated min. degree level, ideally MSc/MBA or DBA/PhD

Exam Information
  • Exam given at the end of the course moderated by the instructor
  • Open book exam 100 multiple choice questions
  • Duration 2 hours
Key Takeaways

Understand the value of the AIPMO Strategic Life-cycle framework® and how to apply it
• Know how to create and implement an enterprise PMO Strategy
• Work-through your PMO related organizational issues, develop a high-level PMO topology and PMO Services for your
organization and get expert feedback on the process and outcome
• Describe the different roles of PMOs in a single and networked context and across different levels of the organization
• Understand PMO maturity and get insights into AIPMO’s new principle-based PMO Maturity model for one or more PMOs
• Ability to use new frameworks like ‘strategy under uncertainty’ and apply them within the context of your organization
• Understand the competencies required for the different levels of PMO responsibilities including the roles of project, program
and functional managers
• Understand how to spot and support under-performing PMOs
• PMO Principles book and on-line access to AIPMO’s new ‘PMO Services and Capabilities’ book with over 200 PMO Services