Dr. Günther Singer

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Dr. Günther Singer, MBA, CEO of the Life and Career Design Consulting GmbH and owner of ChangeStrategy Consulting, is a professor and specializes in human resources, change management, online education, and the accreditation of institutions in higher education. He is CEO of the Life and Career Design Consulting GmbH and owner of ChangeStrategy Consulting. He designs and implements corporate change processes, conducts audits, and supports organizations as a coach and management developer. As a professor, he focuses on graduate and post-graduate courses at Universities and Business Schools. As Executive Coach, he supports decision-makers.

In his career, he has held various positions: CEO, Academic Director, Dean, Senior Researcher, Sales Manager, and Regional Director Europe for a US Accreditation Organization. Dr. Singer worked on various projects as a consultant, typically involving concept of the project, implementation, training, and/or coaching of key-performers in the following industries and sectors: Air Navigation Industry: process consulting for top-management – company strategy development and implementation; Automotive Industry – retail group: change consulting due to the restructuring of sector due to new European Union regulations; Bank: post-merger change management consulting, training of coaches; Electric Power Industry: process coaching due to re-structuring; High-Tech Company: change management due to the introduction of process management/implementation of skill management and development; Industrial Production Plant of a multinational corporation: implementation of lean management, team development; Media Industry: implementation of performance management; Public Administration: training of managers as coaches; United Nations: Human Resources Development and Consulting Services.

Start date: 13 May 2022
Duration: 2 Days (7 Hours/Day)
Start date: 08 August 2022
Duration: 2 Days (7 Hours/Day)